Hi you,

we are two "young" girls from Northern Germany and we would like to get swept you up, to our affinity for bags. 


Let's go to BEUTELBAGS development. Once upon a time .....


In 2015 we had already the idea to start something by our own. It should match with our personal interests and fullfill us with fun. That was our basic requirement to start a own business.


After long back and forth, creative ups and downs, as well as hours of research what was missing on the market, the idea finally arised: BEUTELBAG. Very fast we started to change boring cottonbags in fancy eyecatcher. Cottonbags are very helpful in a lot of situations - but in the main edition, they look like a mess.


We tried to get any information which were needed: Where can we produce the bags? Who kann support us?

Can we manufacture the bags in Germany or should we look abroad? How is it with protection of tademarks? Do our family and friends like our idea, too? There were a lot of other questions, that circulated in our heads day by day.


After  numerous of inquiries to producers all over the world we finally matched with our current partner in Bremen (Germany).


The whole year 2016 we worked with our partner on Beutelbag. Tried to get the perfect result. And here it is:


2017 the birth of BEUTELBAG!


We are curious about your feedback. Hope you like Beutelbag as much as we do!